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Beautiful Pyromorphite Cluster from China

Bright atomic green color on rather large, lustrous crystals of pyromorphite. As a perfect floater this piece is absolutely stunning. The shape of a green flame, mechanically built from well defined hexagonal prisms!

Double Terminated Floater Kunzite from Afghanistan

With its unique pale pink and purple hues, this beautiful crystal radiates love, joy and self-expression. It has wonderful architecture along with beautiful clarity and lustre highlight this beautiful different colour.

Beautiful Etched-surface Floater peach Morganite

Superb aesthetic shape, quality and aesthetics is truly remarkable specimen and without doubt the best specimen with such colour and clarity or good we have seen in my humble opinion, It's absolutely in fine condition without any damage at all.

Bi-Colour Tourmaline from Congo

The crystal is very glassy and lustrous, with a very sharp and pointed termination. Over all this is a beautiful gem crystal of high quality and very hard to get such sharp crystal easily.

Ruby on Calcite from Mogok

This particular piece is one of the prettiest Piece we have seen with great colour and shape from Mogok, specially the display and luster is absolutely gorgeous.

Rubellite on Lepidolite from Brazil

This rather thick and solid rubellite is translucent to even transparent with great luster on all sides and a flat, frosted termination.

Beautiful Floater Heliodor from Ukraine

A brilliant, completely gemmy heliodor that is just perfect, 11.7 cm long and without even a single damage or the slightest inclusion! The color of the crystal is more to the green end of the spectrum and absolutely charming.

Rhodochrosite, Aquamarine, Quartz & Muscovite on Albite

Rhodochrosite from the Goand Mine in Skardu, Pakistan, offers a captivating glimpse into the world of minerals. Its vibrant colors, unique banding patterns, and metaphysical properties make it a cherished gem among collectors and enthusiasts alike.

Aquamarine Cluster with Albite from Pakistan

This beautiful specimen is of Pakistani origin and it boasts a cluster of robust, inter grown crystals in a highly aesthetic, bouquet-like formation, which is quite unusual for the species.

Twin Tourmaline on Feldspar

Its unique combination of vibrant colors, captivating twinning patterns, and the harmonious interplay between tourmaline and feldspar make it a true treasure to behold.

Gold with Little Quartz

This specimen rarity and aesthetic appeal of elongated gold make it highly desirable among collectors, mineral enthusiasts, and jewelry designers, It is absolutely perfect without any damage or repair at all.

Purple Apatite Cluster on Kunzite from Afghanistan

The dominant feature of this specimen is the presence of vibrant Purple Apatite crystals that adorn the surface of the Kunzite matrix.