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Pink Tourmaline with Albite and Smoky Quartz Afghanistan

This is an incredible intense pink super lustrous tourmaline with flower of snow white Albite sits on perfect double terminated smoky quartz! Absolutely perfect from the front without any damage and no repair!

Pink Tourmaline Cluster on Quartz with Mica & Albite

Pink Tourmaline Cluster on Quartz In this specimen, the Tourmalines are super bright and shiny pink Tourmaline clusters on Quartz with incredible Luster.

Pink Tourmaline on Quartz

Pink Tourmaline on Quartz, A masterpiece of mother nature! A lovely Combination of super lustrous perfect cranberry pink tourmaline on excellent Quartz makes the contrast of pink and smoky outstanding.

Blue Cap Tourmaline with Cleavelandite

Blue Cap Tourmaline with Cleavelandite, Wow! What a beautiful blue cap tourmaline in combination with some cleavelandite is forming this outstanding piece!