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Schorl on Quartz from Shigar Pakistan

This Stunning 4.5 Cm tall Schorl proudly standing on quartz with beautiful display, this is a dramatic size with sharp termination and good luster with beautiful floater Quartz that make the piece much more aesthetic and interesting.

Schorl on Smoky Quartz with Albite from Skardu Pakistan

Looking for a beautiful and powerful crystal to add to your collection? Look no further than Schorl on Smoky Quartz with Albite from Skardu Pakistan! This stunning crystal formation features two sharp-terminated Schorl crystals standing tall on a bed of smoky quartz and white Albite.

Aquamarine with Schorl on Feldspar

Aquamarine with Schorl on Feldspar, this beautiful and unique Aquamarine with Schorl on Feldspar is a must-have for any collector. Its stunning blue hue shines brilliantly in the light, making it a gorgeous decorative piece for any home or office setting.

Aquamarine Included with columbite on Schorl

Aquamarine Included with columbite on Schorl, Presenting this super aesthetic specimen of a Perfect cluster of Aquamarine included with columbite sitting perfectly on the front of the perfectly terminated schorl!

Aquamarine with Schorl

Aquamarine with Schorl, In recent decades, a steady supply of aquamarine has come from northern Pakistan, an increasingly important mining locality.

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Schorl on Albite

Schorl on Albite is one of the finest and the most beautiful specimens of Schorl with Albite. Not only is the single schorl crystal with great shape, lustrous, and with a beautifully developed termination but the overall aesthetics is what really impresses here!

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