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Bi-Colour Tourmaline from Congo

The crystal is very glassy and lustrous, with a very sharp and pointed termination. Over all this is a beautiful gem crystal of high quality and very hard to get such sharp crystal easily.

Rubellite on Lepidolite from Brazil

This rather thick and solid rubellite is translucent to even transparent with great luster on all sides and a flat, frosted termination.

Twin Tourmaline on Feldspar

Its unique combination of vibrant colors, captivating twinning patterns, and the harmonious interplay between tourmaline and feldspar make it a true treasure to behold.

Tourmaline on Quartz from Paprok Afghanistan

The primary main tourmaline crystal is also surrounded by a perfect doubly terminated Smoky Quartz crystals grow on top of the beautiful Tourmaline. The specimen is Intact with great quality and aesthetics.

Parti-coloured Tourmaline from Paprok Afghanistan

It has an excellent aesthetics, great colour & quality with the perfection at its best. No repair no damage absolutely perfect all around.

Double Terminated Bi-colour Tourmaline from Afghanistan

The crystal is very sharply terminated and it has a superb lustre with double termination! Excellent crystal with excellent size and perfection!

Blue cap pink Tourmaline with Albite from Afghanistan

A beautiful perfect crystal of blue cap pink colour tourmaline with beautiful Albite grown on the crystal a super aesthetic piece! It has brilliant colour with super incredible luster and clarity the colour is so electric that one can fall in love truly a magnificent with great termination.

Candy Tourmaline (Self Standing) from Afghanistan

This particular piece is one of the finest colour combinations tourmaline with beautiful shape and quality, we have ever seen and found so rare to find these colours in such size and Aesthetic! Truly remarkable colours and great miniature size!

Green Tourmaline Cluster with Muscovite and Albite Shigar Pakistan

Truly aesthetic specimen with great attraction and excellent shape and size, It’s a huge displayable plate and very aesthetic cluster of green tourmaline with albite matrix. The termination is very well with really attractive shape.

Pink Tourmaline with Albite and Smoky Quartz Afghanistan

This is an incredible intense pink super lustrous tourmaline with flower of snow white Albite sits on perfect double terminated smoky quartz! Absolutely perfect from the front without any damage and no repair!

Pink Tourmaline Cluster on Quartz with Mica and Albite

Discover the ultimate gemstone specimen with this stunning Pink Tourmaline Cluster on Quartz with Mica and Albite from the Pachigram Mine in Nuristan, Afghanistan. This hand-sized specimen boasts a perfect termination, impeccable balance, and an unbelievable hot pink color that will leave you breathless.  

Vibrant Pink Crystal Tourmaline Cluster from Afghanistan

This beautiful Vibrant Pink Crystal Tourmaline Cluster from Nuristan, Afghanistan is a beautiful specimen that will truly make a statement. Afghanistan is the most famous country to produce various color tourmalines.