Aquamarine on Albite with tiny spessartine

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shingus mine , shigar valley , skardu , pakistan 🇵🇰

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The last few years has produced An amazing array of great aquamarines from gem bearing pegmatites of shigar Valley , skardu , Northern Pakistan. The pegmatite range from 1-3m in thickness and up to 4 km long, amazing! Just a small amount of iron gives this amazing colour , and i love how slightly different these crystals can appear from termination to the varied ‘inclusion array’. The perfect hexagonal crystal sits up right in white fedlspar , has great and unique colour of blue & green colour with cloudy white “wispy” inclusions appear in what initially appears as quite transparent area. Also the top part of the crystal has great growth tubes , very common in Aquamarine but the large one sits right in the middle of the crystal but there are not as many as it seems as the reflections from faces makes it appear as if there are more. At the top there is great “ Chatoyant Flash “ at optical reflection from a myriad of fine tube of inclusions as the light catches catches them as the crystal moves at the right orientation. A Lovely specimen and one of my favourite Aquamarine on matrix . what is so special and unique about this piece is not only it has perfection, quality & aesthetics but a unique touch of green with blue colour and very special needles going through the top for the aquamarine crystal which in my humble opinion is totally different than the normal Aquas on matrix just remarkable and totally outstanding to get it with such character not only that but also in such size , quality , perfection without any damage at all and no repairs truly magnificent in my humble opinion and different than normal Aquamarines which are in collections .

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