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Pink Tourmaline on Quartz Albite

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Weight 689 g
Dimensions 12.7 × 12.2 × 5.6 cm



Pachigram Mine , Nuristan , Afghanistan 🇦🇫 ( found September 2020)

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Pink Tourmaline on Quartz Albite

Pink Tourmaline on Quartz Albite, A masterpiece of mother nature! A lovely Combination of super lustrous perfect cranberry pink tourmaline on wonderful Quartz and snow white albite makes the contrast of pink and smoky outstanding.

In this particular specimen, the Tourmalines are super bright and shiny pink with incredible Luster and absolutely perfect termination both on tourmaline and on Quartz!

The quality and color are one of the finest we have seen and the aesthetics speak for themselves! Both the Quartz and tourmaline have an excellent luster with amazing contrast with snowy Albite.

This specimen is without a doubt one of the finest of the find with the best quality, color, and perfection without any damage at all and no repair no restoration!

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  1. Muhammad Adil

    I watch almost all your beautiful stones, I love it, this is the most beautiful and informational site, I got

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