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Victory Shape Apatite-Aquamarine with Albite-Muscovite


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Weight 11 g
Dimensions 3.7 × 2.8 × 1.3 cm





Shingus Mine , Shigar Valley , Skardu , Pakistan 🇵🇰 ( found January 2021)

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Victory Shape Apatite-Aquamarine with Albite-Muscovite

Victory Shape Apatite-Aquamarine with Albite-Muscovite, This is a dramatic combination piece of Apatite & Aquamarine. The Apatite is super shiny with Pink colour and great lustre with an elongated shape and absolutely perfectly terminated with fine edges.

Elongated apatite is usually not common to get but to get it in combination with such a fine crystal of Aquamarine in such clarity with perfect termination is very special .

The Aquamarine is nearly flawless with superb perfect complex termination with great Quality .

The specimen is in excellent condition and the aesthetics are at their best The contrast of white albite with the blue Aquamarine & pink apatite with silver colour Muscovite grown right on top of the Apatite is just magnificent.

The fact that the Aqua & Apatite is grown beautifully from each other and making this beautiful shape of Victory is what makes this specimen very unique and special and different from a normal Apatite and aqua combo piece .

Usually, we see apatite and aquamarine combination but far from each other grown on a matrix but in this case both the minerals are grown from each other in dramatic shape in such fine quality .

It not only has great shape & superb aesthetics but also excellent quality and perfection and no repairs to get all these qualities at once in a mineral specimen is in my humble opinion a dream piece to own. (Return Accepted)

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