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Aquamarine, Most aquamarines from northern Pakistan show a long hexagonal prism habit and can reach up to a dozen centimeters in length.

Aquamarine with 32 Faces on Termination

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Aquamarine with 32 Faces on Termination, This is one of the finest Aquamarine crystals, I have ever seen or bought in such quality, perfection, color & incredible termination with 13 faces on termination, and with unique patterns seen on the crystal which is very unusual and the crystal is flawless with great color and luster!

Aquamarine-Mica and Albite (Flawless)


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Aquamarine-Mica and Albite (Flawless), A real eye-catcher of unusually sweeping aesthetics! The aquamarine shows a charming, intensive blue Colour and is gemmy, especially towards the terminations!