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Anatases Perched on Quartz


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Anatases Perched on Quartz, Outstanding, and truly first-tier, combination piece of a fabulous Anatase with well-terminated quartz, Normally the Anatases you see associated with Quartz are less than 1 cm, but this lustrous, euhedral and perfect is a great 1.5cm in length.

Aquamarine with Albite-Columbite Inclusion


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Aquamarine with Albite-Columbite Inclusion. Aquamarine is a popular blue gemstone. It is a greenish blue color and part of the hexagonal crystal system. Aquamarine has a vitreous luster and is a specimen of the beryl mineral. It’s shade can range from very pale to vibrant.

Aquamarine with Schorl


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Aquamarine with Schorl, In recent decades, a steady supply of aquamarine has come from northern Pakistan, an increasingly important mining locality.

Bi-Color Tourmaline with Quartz


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Bi-Color Tourmaline with Quartz, This is really impressive aesthetics and high-quality tourmaline crystal from paprok! A single tourmaline of gemmy quality and intensive top section turns from apple-green to pinkish is associated with a beautiful tiny Xls of quartz perched to its side.