Spodumene Var Triphane

Spodumene Var Triphane, Perfect double-terminated crystal of spodumene Var Triphane. The wonderful architecture along with beautiful clarity and luster highlight this light lemon-twinned yellow spodumene crystal in huge size! Watch video

Most Beautiful Multi-Color Tourmaline

Most Beautiful Multi-Color Tourmaline, Since years paprok in Nuristan Afghanistan, produced some great colour tourmalines with spectacular colours, only very few specimens of this lovely Colours composition have been found in this locality,

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Bi-Colour Tourmaline Crystal

Bi-Colour Tourmaline Crystal is a unique miracle of color. This is a breathtaking example of a Bi-color tourmaline that beautifully illustrates the species’ propensity for color and gem-caliber aesthetics.

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Most Beautiful Yellow brucite

The most Beautiful Yellow brucite is the mineral form of magnesium hydroxide, with the chemical formula Mg (OH)2. It is a common alteration product of periclase in marble; Watch video


Apatite-(Caf), A superb well-formed, intensely purple apatite crystal with double termination from the Mawi Pegmatite of Afghanistan.

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Brookites on Matrix

Brookites on Matrix, Incredible Brookite Crystals sitting on a matrix and clearly shown is a classic black internal “phantom “ Often seen in the specie the best being considered. Watch video

DT Crystal of Varynenite

DT Crystal of Varynenite is a very rare beryllium phosphate, and not often do you find it with such good rich salmon colour and of decent size, Watch video

Stibotantalite with Tourmaline Cluster on Albite

Stibotantalite with tourmaline cluster on Albite, a Very aesthetic piece of stibotantalite with a tourmaline cluster on Albite, absolutely perfect all around with sharp termination and good color

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