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Double Terminated Floater Kunzite from Afghanistan

With its unique pale pink and purple hues, this beautiful crystal radiates love, joy and self-expression. It has wonderful architecture along with beautiful clarity and lustre highlight this beautiful different colour.

Beautiful Floater Heliodor from Ukraine

A brilliant, completely gemmy heliodor that is just perfect, 11.7 cm long and without even a single damage or the slightest inclusion! The color of the crystal is more to the green end of the spectrum and absolutely charming.

Rhodochrosite, Aquamarine, Quartz & Muscovite on Albite

Rhodochrosite from the Goand Mine in Skardu, Pakistan, offers a captivating glimpse into the world of minerals. Its vibrant colors, unique banding patterns, and metaphysical properties make it a cherished gem among collectors and enthusiasts alike.

Double Terminated Bi-colour Tourmaline from Afghanistan

The crystal is very sharply terminated and it has a superb lustre with double termination! Excellent crystal with excellent size and perfection!

Unusual growth Aquamarine Crystal from Pakistan

This Aquamarine Crystal has great colour and incredible quality but it has a unique odd shape termination which makes this specimen very specially during its growth with the power of nature.

Gwindel Quartz from Pakistan

It is an amazing Twisted Gwindel Quartz from Pakistan! This extraordinary cabinet large and piece is sure to take your breath off away.

Schorl on Quartz from Shigar Pakistan

This Stunning 4.5 Cm tall Schorl proudly standing on quartz with beautiful display, this is a dramatic size with sharp termination and good luster with beautiful floater Quartz that make the piece much more aesthetic and interesting.

Aquamarine on Quartz with Albite from Shigar Pakistan

A very colour-saturated, intense-blue TRANSPARENT GEM Aquamarine beautifully hug with Rocket quartz with Albite. The aqua crystal has one repair but with great lustrous and gemmy with a rich blue colour saturation and with sharp termination.

Green Tourmaline Cluster with Muscovite and Albite Shigar Pakistan

Truly aesthetic specimen with great attraction and excellent shape and size, It’s a huge displayable plate and very aesthetic cluster of green tourmaline with albite matrix. The termination is very well with really attractive shape.

Pink Tourmaline with Albite and Smoky Quartz Afghanistan

This is an incredible intense pink super lustrous tourmaline with flower of snow white Albite sits on perfect double terminated smoky quartz! Absolutely perfect from the front without any damage and no repair!

Alkali & Caesium-rich Blue Beryl Flowers on Matrix Afghanistan

This dramatic specimen is a large, tabular, well terminated, lustrous and translucent, rich sky blue alkali-rich beryl flowers , measuring 1.2 cm across. It has an unusual growth of Incredible 4 perfect flower shape crystals sitting on matrix perfectly with amazing super gemmy crystals on very beautiful matrix!

Schorl on Smoky Quartz with Albite from Skardu Pakistan

Looking for a beautiful and powerful crystal to add to your collection? Look no further than Schorl on Smoky Quartz with Albite from Skardu Pakistan! This stunning crystal formation features two sharp-terminated Schorl crystals standing tall on a bed of smoky quartz and white Albite.