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Floater Kunzite


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Floater Kunzite, Basic spodumene is typically colorless to pale yellow, but two varieties of the species, hiddenite, and kunzite are prized as a gem material in the jewelry industry.

Aquamarine with Schorl Inclusion Lot

Aquamarine With Schorl Inclusion Lot Very aesthetic and attractive Schorl inclusion aquamarine lot from Skardu Pakistan, the pieces have good

Anatases Perched on Quartz


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Anatases Perched on Quartz, Outstanding, and truly first-tier, combination piece of a fabulous Anatase with well-terminated quartz, Normally the Anatases you see associated with Quartz are less than 1 cm, but this lustrous, euhedral and perfect is a great 1.5cm in length.

Rutile (TiO2) with Albite and Aegerine


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Rutile (TiO2) with Albite and Aegirine, Rutile name was first introduced by German geologist Abraham Gottlob Werner in 1800, the name is from the Latin “rutilus” meaning “reddish”.  

Phantom Inclusion Chlorine Quartz with Epidote


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Phantom Inclusion Chlorine Quartz with Epidote, This is one of the Amazing phantom chlorine quartz towers with epidote we have seen with beautiful and very clear phantoms inside totally natural no polish!