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Rubellite on Lepidolite from Brazil

This rather thick and solid rubellite is translucent to even transparent with great luster on all sides and a flat, frosted termination.

Rare Peridot with Ludwigite Inclusions-A Stunning and Unique Gem from Pakistan

Looking for a gem-quality mineral that is both beautiful and rare? Look no further than Peridot with Ludwigite Inclusions. This stunning crystal features a lime-green peridot gem that is both transparent and lustrous, with included sprays of acicular black ludwigite - a rare magnesium, iron, and borate mineral.

Aquamarine Cluster with Albite from Pakistan

This beautiful specimen is of Pakistani origin and it boasts a cluster of robust, inter grown crystals in a highly aesthetic, bouquet-like formation, which is quite unusual for the species.

Floater Kunzite with Matrix

Floater Kunzite with Matrix, Kunzite is of the pink Spodumene variety. It's a gemstone that has a pink to violet color, and sometimes it's even colorless. It's a transparent and high-luster stone.

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Three Multi Faces Termination Doubly Terminated Aquamarine crystals with feldspar

Three Multi Faces Termination Doubly Terminated Aquamarine Crystals with Feldspar, These are the finest Aquamarine crystals I have ever seen or bought in such quality, perfection, color & incredible termination

Gold with Little Quartz

This specimen rarity and aesthetic appeal of elongated gold make it highly desirable among collectors, mineral enthusiasts, and jewelry designers, It is absolutely perfect without any damage or repair at all.

Floater Topaz

Floater Topaz, I have seen many topazes coming to the market in the last years, but when it comes to this quality unique top pattern, incredible color, and excellent color, I have seen almost nothing!

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Bi-Colour Tourmaline

Bi-Color Tourmaline, Elegant, gemmy to the translucent crystal of Elbaite Tourmaline from Paprok. It has everything you want in a Tourmaline from here. It is a rich pink grading to a light grass green at the gemmy termination.

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Bi-Colour Tourmaline from Congo

The crystal is very glassy and lustrous, with a very sharp and pointed termination. Over all this is a beautiful gem crystal of high quality and very hard to get such sharp crystal easily.

Twin Tourmaline on Feldspar

Its unique combination of vibrant colors, captivating twinning patterns, and the harmonious interplay between tourmaline and feldspar make it a true treasure to behold.

Pink Tourmaline on Quartz with Albite Crystal

Pink Tourmaline on Quartz with Albite Crystal, This unique piece of Pink Tourmaline on Quartz with Albite is a beautiful combination of minerals that make for an eye-catching and vibrant display.