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Exclusive Pink Topaz On Matrix

Exclusive Pink Topaz On Matrix, This is another very fine inventory piece that we have sold in the past. I have been involved in buying and selling pink topaz from Day 1 since it came out and handle nearly hundreds of pieces.

Brucite on Matrix (6 pieces)

Brucite on Matrix (6 pieces), Brucite at its Best. Talking about shape and aesthetics these specimens feature an unbelievable shape of beautiful Brucite crystal on the matrix.

Floater Etched Quartz


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Floater Etched Quartz, an absolutely incredible and totally floater etched quartz all around with excellent clarity and excellent luster, and great transparency.

Twinned Pink Cap Tourmaline (Self Standing)


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Twinned pink Cap Tourmaline, This Self-standing Tourmaline crystal not only has great color but also twinned two crystals together

Floater Kunzite


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Floater Kunzite, Basic spodumene is typically colorless to pale yellow, but two varieties of the species, hiddenite, and kunzite are prized as a gem material in the jewelry industry.

Pink Topaz on Calcite

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Pink Topaz on Calcite, is another very fine inventory piece that we have sold in the past



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Aquamarine, Most aquamarines from northern Pakistan show a long hexagonal prism habit and can reach up to a dozen centimeters in length.

DT Aquamarine with Albite


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DT Aquamarine with Albite, This is a killer aquamarine crystal from Grand Mine, Shigar valley Skardu Pakistan

Aquamarine with 32 Faces on Termination

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Aquamarine with 32 Faces on Termination, This is one of the finest Aquamarine crystals, I have ever seen or bought in such quality, perfection, color & incredible termination with 13 faces on termination, and with unique patterns seen on the crystal which is very unusual and the crystal is flawless with great color and luster!