DT Aquamarine with Albite

DT Aquamarine with Albite

DT Aquamarine with Albite, This is a killer aquamarine crystal from Grand Mine, Shigar valley Skardu Pakistan

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Weight 81.5 g
Dimensions 6.2 × 3.4 × 2.5 cm





Biano Mine , Nyt Bruk Village , Shigar Valley , Skardu District , Pakistan 🇵🇰 ( found April 2022)

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DT Aquamarine with Albite

This is a killer aquamarine crystal from Grand Mine, Shigar valley Skardu Pakistan. The color is shockingly strong, especially in the sunlight. The termination bevels are exceptionally fine, and the surface structures are special and unique.

What a gorgeous gemstone crystal in perfect condition! This elongated prismatic Aquamarine is double terminated and it’s gemmy and transparent from bottom to top without even the small inclusion or internal crack!

The water-blue color is easily visible and uniform throughout the whole Crystal. With brilliant luster and an unusually well-developed termination, this crystal is a fascinating curiosity of elegance and perfection! The color is the true finest we have seen with incredible high luster.

The termination is absolutely perfect with very unique growth and beautiful Albite! To get in such a perfect pointed termination in such a color is really rare Came out of the famous mountains of Grand Mine which is known for its brilliant color and this top termination. Excellent color, great clarity perfection, and super termination best crystal we have seen for a long time.

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  1. Redstonz

    beautiful, DT AQUAMARINE WITH ALBITE is my favorite aquamarine stone

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