Blue Horse Brucite

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Blue Horse Brucite

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Weight 67 g
Dimensions 9 × 7 × 1.6 cm





Killa Safiullah , Baluchistan , Pakistan šŸ‡µšŸ‡°

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Blue Horse Brucite

The glorious yellow color of these finds is a first for brucite, to my knowledge which was first found in Pakistan on Feb 2017 now here comes another stunning rare and new find of brucite this time Blue color like an Aquamarine which is extremely rare to find from Pakistan!

The color is incredibly bright blue with great luster. The specimen has not only great color and luster but it has an amazing shape like a horsešŸ“ just a truly magnificent specimen when keeping the quality, size, and this incredible new color in mind itā€™s the finest ever to see.

We have never ever seen a hint of brucite from Pakistan before until we found the bright yellow color a few years ago and now suddenly this find of Blue color redefines the species on a worldwide basis, with its unique color, stunning aesthetics, and surprise of something new from a region.

The color, in a showcase with lighting, just leaps out as if this was Aquamarine with an extra bit of neon “kick” in the saturation. These blue brucites trickle out in small pockets and it comes out rarely in such a bright blue color!

In my humble opinion, this specimen is one of the finest in size, color, aesthetics, and quality we have seen or ever discovered! Truly a magnificent new find to add to any collection for this Unique color Mineral.


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