Faden Quartz with Yellow Color

Faden Quartz with Yellow Color


Weight 638 g
Dimensions 20 × 11 × 8.3 cm

Excellent, Normal


Large Cabinet


Mine de zhob ,Baluchistan Pakistan

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SKU: FAM (04) 22-037


Faden Quartz with Yellow Color

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Faden Quartz with Yellow Color, This is an amazing example of Faden quartz from Pakistan. It is sizeable with marked transparency and awesome morphology.

It has formed in a tower-like structure of flattened quartz crystals that have intergrown with one another, joined at their ends. They have stacked atop each other to an impressive height.

Thanks to their broad faces and transparency, one can fully savor the distinctive Faden or “string” that runs through the centers of each crystal, often likened to a spine.

This fun piece is complete all-around with its sharply defined edges, window-like faces, great luster, and super aesthetic without a single ding or any damage anywhere in the piece, it’s absolutely inch perfect.