Schorl on Albite

Schorl on Albite

Weight 285 g
Dimensions 17.5 × 11 × 9.5 cm

Stak Nala Mine, Shigar Valley,Skardu District Pakistan 🇵🇰



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Schorl on Albite, This is one of finest and the most beautiful specimen of Schorl with Albite .Not only is the single schorl crystal with great shape, lustrous and with a beautifully developed termination and the overall aesthetics is what really impresses here!

The black crystal is set on a white albite matrix of lovely crystallization with amazing attraction power!

Schorl on Albite Properties

❇️Hand Size Specimen:
Main xl : 17 cm
side xls are , 11 & 8 & 9 cm

This specimen on the other hand shows in a most dramatic way too how beautiful this mineral can be when developed to such incredible shape and in such a highly aesthetic way!

We have seen and in my humble opinion it can sit next to any major specimen in any major collection proudly inside the case ! The two back crystals has repair but the aesthetics speak for it self with the perfect termination and nice snow white ball of Albite sat right in that middle!

It has great luster , superb aesthetics and really great quality with perfect termination !