Rainbow Tourmaline with Albite

Rainbow Tourmaline with Albite

Weight 1157 g
Dimensions 17 × 9 × 8 cm



paprok Mine, Nuristan, Afghanistan 🇦🇫

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Rainbow Tourmaline with Albite

Rainbow Tourmaline with Albite, Elegant, gemmy to the translucent crystal of Rainbow 🌈 Tourmaline from Paprok.

This is one very fine multi_Colour tourmaline absolutely incredible with the crazy shape it has one repair in the centre but the quality, colour and aesthetic speak by itself, double terminated with great colour!

The piece is in excellent condition and the side crystals are all perfect grown beautifully on albite all around with great perfection.

A perfectly attractive appearance, combined with the best quality and condition make this hand-size specimen a superb choice for any collection of tourmaline classics!

we have never seen and found it so rare to find these colours in such size and Quality! ( 5 very visible colours, Deep blue, purple, pink, green and yellow colours ).

Truly remarkable colours and great size.The quality and colour are one of the finest we have seen and the aesthetics speak for themselves.