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Gemmy Transparent Morganite with Matrix


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Gemmy Transparent Morganite with Matrix, A perfect, well-terminated, and undamaged gemmy crystal of morganite on a beautiful white matrix that aesthetically sits with great aesthetic display, this is a good color contrast piece with multi_Faces morganite crystal and incredible clarity and sharp termination.

Green Tourmaline with Quartz and Albite Spray

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Green Tourmaline with Quartz and Albite Spray is another excellent specimen of the recently found tourmaline tower! An absolutely incredible double terminated cluster with excellent luster and clarity on top grown this impressive bright super lustrous green tourmaline cluster with a deep ribbon of different green colors on top!

Hematite on chlorine Quartz


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Hematite on chlorine Quartz, Hematite also spelled as hematite, is a common iron oxide compound with the formula, Fe₂O₃ and is widely found in rocks and soils.

Herkimer Diamond Quartz with Faden

Herkimer diamond Quartz with Faden is a beautiful double terminated quartz crystal