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Aquamarine-Smoky Quartz with Yellow Mica on Matrix


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Aquamarine-Smoky Quartz with Yellow Mica on Matrix, This special combination specimen of aquamarine with a dramatic mica in its base stands unique among a small pocket of ultra-glassy, gem crystals found recently.

Beautiful Combo Of Morganite with Quartz and Tourmaline Spray On Matrix


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Beautiful Combo Of Morganite with Quartz and Tourmaline Spray On Matrix, A perfect, well-terminated, and undamaged crystal of morganite with beautiful quartz and green tourmaline spray aesthetically sits on a matrix with great aesthetic shape, this is a good color contrast piece with multi_Faces morganite crystal and incredible clarity and sharp termination.

Beautiful Group of Floater Kunzite-Etched Morganite and Brazil Aquamarine

Incredible Group of Floater Kunzite and Brazil Aquamarine with beautiful etched Morganite with superb color contrast, all the pieces are absolutely perfect all around with excellent termination and beautiful shapes.

Bi-Color Tourmaline with Quartz


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Bi-Color Tourmaline with Quartz, This is really impressive aesthetics and high-quality tourmaline crystal from paprok! A single tourmaline of gemmy quality and intensive top section turns from apple-green to pinkish is associated with a beautiful tiny Xls of quartz perched to its side.

Bi-Colour Tourmaline Lot from Paprok-Afghanistan


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Very beautiful gemmy Bi-Colour Tourmaline perfectly terminated tourmaline 6 pieces lot from paprok Afghanistan 🇦🇫

Blood Color Spessartine-Garnet on Feldspar with Silver Mica


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Blood Color Spessartine/Garnet On Feldspar with Silver Mica, The locality where this garnet is coming from is really famous for producing good garnets!

Blue Cap Tourmaline with Cleavelandite


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Blue Cap Tourmaline with Cleavelandite, Wow! What a beautiful blue cap tourmaline in combination with some cleavelandite is forming this outstanding piece!