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Floater Etched Quartz

Floater Etched Quartz, an absolutely incredible and totally floater etched quartz all around with excellent clarity and excellent luster, and great transparency.

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Twinned Pink Cap Tourmaline (Self Standing)

Twinned pink Cap Tourmaline, This Self-standing Tourmaline crystal not only has great color but also twinned two crystals together, good clarity also floater double terminated both top and bottom and without any damage at all truly magnificent crystal In my humble opinion!


Aquamarine, Most aquamarines from northern Pakistan show a long hexagonal prism habit and can reach up to a dozen centimeters in length.

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DT Aquamarine with Albite

DT Aquamarine with Albite, This is a killer aquamarine crystal from Grand Mine, Shigar valley Skardu Pakistan

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Tourmaline-Mangano Tantalite-Albite on Green Gemmy Flourite


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Tourmaline-Mangano Tantalite-Albite on Green Gemmy Flourite, Presenting this Incredible and absolutely perfect and super aesthetic specimen of tourmaline  

Tower of Feldspar with Topaz-Quartz and Albite

Tower of Feldspar with Topaz, Sharp and very attractive perfect tower of feldspar with incredible topaz, quartz & Albite. the piece has great aesthetic value and is perfect all around.

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Hot Peach Morganite with Cleavelandite & Albite

Hot Peach Morganite with Cleavelandite & Albite, A large, unusual, and undamaged crystal of morganite is protruding from a white matrix of Albite and Cleavelandite, this is a hot peach color single multi_Faces morganite crystal with incredible clarity and sharp termination.

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Aquamarine-Smoky Quartz with Yellow Mica on Matrix

Aquamarine-Smoky Quartz with Yellow Mica on Matrix, This special combination specimen of aquamarine with a dramatic mica in its base stands unique among a small pocket of ultra-glassy, gem crystals found recently.

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Brucite On Matrix

Brucite On Matrix, is the mineral form of magnesium hydroxide, with the chemical formula Mg(OH)2.

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Unique Faden Quartz

Unique Faden Quartz, This is an amazing example of Faden quartz from Pakistan. It is sizeable with marked transparency and awesome morphology.

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Rhodochrosite on Quartz Cleavelandite

Rhodochrosite on Quartz Cleavelandite, Small but truly beautiful and aesthetic piece and a great example of Pakistani Rhodochrosite with such quality , aesthetics and perfection.

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Brookite Blades on Quartz Cluster(self-standing)

Brookite Blades on Quartz Cluster(self-standing), Talk about quality and aesthetics for the species one of the fine quality brookite, TiO2, from Baluchistan, Pakistan 🇵🇰.

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