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Complete Quartz Cluster With Feldspar from Shigar Pakistan

A very beautiful shape quartz cluster with amazing feldspar. It has very good luster with sharp edges and it has incredible 3-dimensional look in person.

Gwindel Quartz from Pakistan

It is an amazing Twisted Gwindel Quartz from Pakistan! This extraordinary cabinet large and piece is sure to take your breath off away.

Schorl on Quartz from Shigar Pakistan

This Stunning 4.5 Cm tall Schorl proudly standing on quartz with beautiful display, this is a dramatic size with sharp termination and good luster with beautiful floater Quartz that make the piece much more aesthetic and interesting.

Pink Tourmaline with Albite and Smoky Quartz Afghanistan

This is an incredible intense pink super lustrous tourmaline with flower of snow white Albite sits on perfect double terminated smoky quartz! Absolutely perfect from the front without any damage and no repair!

Beautiful Etched Quartz Crystal from Pakistan-The Perfect Décor Piece

Enhance your crystal collection with this stunning Etched Quartz Crystal, sourced from the Shigar Valley in Skardu, Pakistan. With its incredible clarity and luster, this floater twin crystal is truly one-of-a-kind.

Schorl on Smoky Quartz with Albite from Skardu Pakistan

Looking for a beautiful and powerful crystal to add to your collection? Look no further than Schorl on Smoky Quartz with Albite from Skardu Pakistan! This stunning crystal formation features two sharp-terminated Schorl crystals standing tall on a bed of smoky quartz and white Albite.

Multiple Faces Aquamarine with Quartz on Matrix

This piece is from famous and well known locality from Pakistan ,The gemmy elongated crystal, with a length of 8cm,are shooting out vertically of the well crystalized feldspar matrix & beautiful well terminated quartz ,the crystal look like a rocket into heaven!

Rose-like pink Lepidolite with Green Tourmaline On Quartz

Beautiful Rose-like Pink Lepidolite sits on beautiful Quartz ! This beautiful Lepidolite is formed exactly like flower 🌸 and sits so perfectly right on top of the quartz attached a beautiful small green tourmaline on Lepidolite with Albite .  

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Pink Tourmaline Cluster on Quartz with Mica and Albite

Discover the ultimate gemstone specimen with this stunning Pink Tourmaline Cluster on Quartz with Mica and Albite from the Pachigram Mine in Nuristan, Afghanistan. This hand-sized specimen boasts a perfect termination, impeccable balance, and an unbelievable hot pink color that will leave you breathless.  

Rare Floater Quartz Crystal from Pakistan – Exquisite Clarity and Luster

Introducing the exquisite Rare Floater Quartz Crystal from Pakistan- a true marvel of nature that's sure to captivate anyone who lays their eyes on it.

Topaz with Schorl-Mica and Snow White Albite

Discover a rare and beautiful gem with this high-quality Crystal Topaz with Schrol-Mica and snow white Alibite from Dassu, Pakistan. Unlike other topazes in the market, this crystal features an elongated and vertical shape with a perfect combination of schorl and snow-white albite matrix.

Pink Tourmaline on Quartz with Albite Crystal

Pink Tourmaline on Quartz with Albite Crystal, This unique piece of Pink Tourmaline on Quartz with Albite is a beautiful combination of minerals that make for an eye-catching and vibrant display.