Goshanite-Schorl on Albite

Goshanite-Schorl on Albite is a colorless gem variety of beryl. It is called the mother of all gemstones because it can be transformed into others like emerald, morganite, or bixbite.

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Aquamarine-Mica and Albite (Flawless)

Aquamarine-Mica and Albite (Flawless), A real eye-catcher of unusually sweeping aesthetics! The aquamarine shows a charming, intensive blue Colour and is gemmy, especially towards the terminations!

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Aquamarine on Green Fluorite-Albite and Schorl Spray

Aquamarine on Green Fluorite, Albite & Schorl Spray, Very fine and self-standing remarkable combinations of well-terminated aqua aesthetically standing on greenish fluorite and Albite, aqua has great schorl spray and perfect all around without any damage at all.

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Anatase with Chlorine Quartz on Matrix

Anatase with Chlorine Quartz on Matrix is a metastable mineral form of titanium dioxide (TiO2) with a tetragonal crystal structure. Although colorless or white when pure, anatase in nature is usually a black solid due to impurities. Watch video