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Rainbow Fluorite

Bi colour fluorite is the perfect way to add a unique, sophisticated touch to any collection . This stunning crystal contains two distinct colours that work together brilliantly, providing an eye-catching focal point and adding a calming energy to your collection.

Bi-Color Fluorite with Matrix the Most Beautiful Greenish Mineral

Introducing the Bi-Color Fluorite with Matrix - a truly breathtaking addition to any crystal collection. This stunning specimen boasts two distinct colors, a beautiful bright pink and a touch of green, which work together in perfect harmony to create a striking focal point.

Green Fluorite on Quartz

Presenting this beautiful and well-balanced specimen, featuring a lovely transparent Green Fluorite on Quartz, The major crystal is TRANSPARENT, not just a bit translucent, RAZOR sharp, and has a rich, fine green color.

Pink Fluorite on Mica Matrix

Pink Fluorite on Mica Matrix is a very aesthetic and incredible pink fluorite aesthetically perched on mica matrix, the crystal has one small ding at the top termination but the color is far better in person and self-standing piece

Fluorescent Green Fluorite with Quartz-Mica-Feldspar-Black Tourmaline

Fluorescent Green Fluorite with Quartz is a very beautiful combo of superb aesthetic Green Fluorite perfectly standing on Albite with beautiful Quartz, Black Tourmaline, and Mica.

Pink Fluorite on Muscovite & Feldspar

Pink Fluorite on Muscovite & Feldspar,  are amazing contrast, the fluorite has a remarkable color that is difficult to find with such deep color and superb luster.

New Green Fluorescent Phantom Fluorite Cluster With Mica On Matrix

Green Fluorescent Phantom Fluorite Cluster, a New Find From Afghanistan with high-quality fluorite with great luster, intense color, glassy crystals, lovely aesthetics, and beautiful phantoms!  

Tourmaline-Mangano Tantalite-Albite on Green Gemmy Flourite


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Tourmaline-Mangano Tantalite-Albite on Green Gemmy Flourite, Presenting this Incredible and absolutely perfect and super aesthetic specimen of tourmaline  

Aquamarine on Green Fluorite-Albite and Schorl Spray

Aquamarine on Green Fluorite, Albite & Schorl Spray, Very fine and self-standing remarkable combinations of well-terminated aqua aesthetically standing on greenish fluorite and Albite, aqua has great schorl spray and perfect all around without any damage at all.

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