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Unique Twin Floater Quartz Pakistan

Are you looking for a truly unique quartz to add to your collection? Look no further than the Unique Twin Floater Quartz Pakistan! This magnificent quartz is sure to take your home decor or jewelry collection up a notch.

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Pink Tourmaline Cluster on Quartz with Mica & Albite

Pink Tourmaline Cluster on Quartz In this specimen, the Tourmalines are super bright and shiny pink Tourmaline clusters on Quartz with incredible Luster.

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Pink Tourmaline on Quartz

Pink Tourmaline on Quartz, A masterpiece of mother nature! A lovely Combination of super lustrous perfect cranberry pink tourmaline on excellent Quartz makes the contrast of pink and smoky outstanding.

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Aquamarine with Schorl

Aquamarine with Schorl, In recent decades, a steady supply of aquamarine has come from northern Pakistan, an increasingly important mining locality. Watch video

Exclusive Pink Topaz On Matrix

Exclusive Pink Topaz On Matrix, This is another very fine inventory piece that we have sold in the past. I have been involved in buying and selling pink topaz from Day 1 since it came out and handle nearly hundreds of pieces. Watch Video  

Beautiful Stand Alone Vayrynenite

Beautiful Stand Alone Vayrynenite, This is another of the very fine inventory pieces that we have sold in the past, This is a stunning mayrynenite crystal with a unique size it’s the first time we have ever seen this size in such quality from Pakistan. Watch Video

Schorl on Albite

Schorl on Albite is one of the finest and the most beautiful specimens of Schorl with Albite. Not only is the single schorl crystal with great shape, lustrous, and with a beautifully developed termination but the overall aesthetics is what really impresses here!

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Beautiful Group of Floater Kunzite-Etched Morganite and Brazil Aquamarine

Incredible Group of Floater Kunzite and Brazil Aquamarine with beautiful etched Morganite with superb color contrast, all the pieces are absolutely perfect all around with excellent termination and beautiful shapes.

Pink Topaz on Calcite

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Pink Topaz on Calcite, is another very fine inventory piece that we have sold in the past

Aquamarine with 32 Faces on Termination

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Aquamarine with 32 Faces on Termination, This is one of the finest Aquamarine crystals, I have ever seen or bought in such quality, perfection, color & incredible termination with 13 faces on termination, and with unique patterns seen on the crystal which is very unusual and the crystal is flawless with great color and luster!

Stalactites Epidote

Stalactites Epidote, This epidote specimen is from a recent find in the western Pakistani Mountains that revealed a completely unique and highly aesthetic "bow tie" shape.

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Bastnaesite with Actinolite Crystals on Albite

Bastnaesite with Actinolite Crystals on Albite is one of the finest and perfect matrix specimens of Bastnaesite we have seen with such incredible shape, will, and perfection!

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