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Natural Orange Spessartine-Garnet on Quartz Matrix from Pakistan

"Discover the mesmerizing beauty of our Spessartine-Garnet on Quartz Matrix - a stunning mineral specimen that will captivate any toenail or miniature collector, with its deep raspberry-red colored crystal atop a light grey and white quartz matrix.

Garnet on Quartz with Schorl

Garnet on Quartz with Schorl, One of our best cabinet sizes is a SUPER SHARP, fully-terminated, carved-looking "golf ball." Garnet Aesthetically sits on Smoky Quartz.

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Blood Color Spessartine-Garnet on Feldspar with Silver Mica

Blood Color Spessartine/Garnet On Feldspar with Silver Mica, The locality where this garnet is coming from is really famous for producing good garnets!

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