Brookite on Albite with Quartz

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Brookite on Albite with Quartz

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Weight 27 g
Dimensions 9 × 6.5 × 6 cm



Ghatt Mine , Kharan District , Baluchistan , Pakistan 🇵🇰 ( founded June 2021)

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Brookite On albite with Quartz

Talk about setting new heights for the species The most amazing Brookite on Albite with Quartz, TiO2 is from Baluchistan, Pakistan. The recent finds from here match the classic “Alpine” brookites from Switzerland, Italy & Russia but now the specie had been reset with this 5.3 cm crystal.

Just look at how the cluster of brookite sits the luster and quality are gorgeous Large orange reddish-brown thin platy crystals, Show a complex group of beautiful termination.

It’s sitting on a matrix of super white shiny Albite with very fine crystals of shiny perfectly terminated quartz crystal which makes the matrix super shiny and gives amazing contrast with brookite crystal on it!

Also clearly shown is a classic black internal “phantom “ Often seen in the specie the best being considered those that show almost ‘hourglass figures. Look how thin those crystals One can only imagine the care and fear Of bringing this one out intact It must have been very carefully collected.

The small middle front crystal has one repair but perfectly sits and the rest of the crystals are absolutely perfect all around. This one just resets the bar for quality & incredible size. Thanks to the miners who dug out this beauty and made it available for the work to appreciate the quality especially the incredible size on such a beautiful matrix!


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  1. Muhammad Adil

    beautiful one, you have almost got my choice

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