The business that led to the
company “Fine Art Minerals” – a globally renowned Gems and Minerals company –
was started as an ordinary gemstones business by Mr. Ghulam Muhammad in the 1970s
in Afghanistan. It seems that it was destined for us to be the pioneers of
minerals specimen in the region, as Mr. Ghulam Muhammad was the first person
whom Herb Obodda – the world’s famous collector – met on his visit to
Afghanistan in the 1970s and told Mr. Ghulam Muhammad about minerals specimen.
Since then Mr. Ghulam Muhammad started exploring these hidden treasures of fine
gemstones and minerals specimen in Afghanistan. This expertise was passed on to
his sons; Ghulam Qadir, Ghulam Mustafa and Ghulam Murtaza who have been
passionate about gemstones and minerals since their childhood as it was in
their blood and they transformed this business into this famous and reputable
company – yes – the “Fine Art Minerals” and spread it beyond borders to Asia,
Europe, America and Japan. Today Fine Art Minerals is in good books of the
world’s top collectors and personalities associated with gemstones and


Mr. Ghulam Muhammad

The Father of Fine Art Minerals, who started this business in Afghanistan in the 1970s.

Mr. Ghulam Qadir

The elder son who is passionate about mineral specimen.

Mr. Ghulam Mustafa

A minerals lover, expert in cutting and trimming of minerals specimen.

Mr. Ghulam Murtaza

The youngest son who is an expert in loose gemstones.

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